Tuesday October 28, 2014:  40 new birds of 4 species; 11 recaps.  No new species.  Bird of the day:  Black-capped Chickadee with 26 new bands.  A merry band of volunteers gathered at BBBO this morning hoping to be regaled with flocks of siskins and goldfinches, but we were thwarted.  The swirling hoards of yesterday were gone, to be replaced with . . . chickadees and cardinals.  We banded five new Northern Cardinals today, which is the highest single-day total this fall.  We also banded 26 new Black-capped Chickadees, again our highest single-day total this fall.

Betsy stopped by to pick up the season’s datasheets, Sue and Meghan cleaned up the lab table, and we put all of the outdoor furniture away in preparation for winter.  We’ll only be banding about three more days – make certain to stop out before we close!