Sunday April 26, 2015:  9 birds of 5 species; 6 recaps.  New species:  Palm Warbler.  Bird of the day was Black-capped Chickadee with 5 new bands.

Ugh . . . another slow day!  Will the winds never change?  The morning started off cold and cloudy, but at least there was no wind.  As morning wore on, the sun came out and blue sky appeared.  The birds seemed to appreciate the warmth as much as we did, as most of our birds came near the end of our banding day.  The only item of note today is the first Palm Warbler of the season.  We decided it was of the “Yellow” subspecies, rather than the more common (for our area) “Western” subspecies.  eBird has a really neat animated map showing the migration timing of these two subspecies.  You can clearly see the Yellow Palms migrating first up the east coast, followed by a flush of Western birds through the midwest and Great Lakes region.  Pretty cool!

Yellow Palm Warbler

Yellow Palm Warbler.  Notice the bright yellow supercillium and the near lack of white on the breast and belly.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart.