Bander Training Class of Spring 2015 Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Bander Training Class of Spring 2015
Photo by Ryan Kayhart


Thursday, May 21, 2015. 60 new of 21 species; 35 retraps. Of these species, we banded our first Hairy Woodpecker of the season!

Bird of the day was a tie between the Magnolia Warbler and American Redstart banding 8 of each.   12 species of warbler were banded.

Today was a unique day for the station as it was operated by students from the Spring Bander Training Course. The students spent nearly two weeks preparing for this day which served as a testament to the knowledge and experience they gained throughout the course. A collaborative effort was made by 7 students to organize, set up, and run the station for the entire day. The students appointed Tristan Luxner as the Bander In Charge (BIC) to oversee the daily operations of the station. The station operated no differently than it does every other day and was a complete success from start to finish.


This was a valuable experience for the students who learned how imperative it is to have a reliable and knowledgeable staff of volunteers as part of the team. Volunteers are incorporated into every aspect of the operation including opening the nets, extracting birds, processing them, and scribing. Without such a well-rounded and experienced staff Braddock Bay Bird Observatory would not exist, so appreciating them for what they do is one of the most valuable lessons the students could have learned.

The students will now prepare for a final test which they will take on Friday. This test will evaluate their overall knowledge and understanding of bird banding. Some students will go on to use this experience for conducting various types of research while others will continue to increase their experience in this field. This experience enabled students and volunteers to establish special relationships among each other. With that said, the students have left their mark at BBBO and will never forget what an incredible experience they had the privilege of being a part of. A special thanks to Andrea Patterson and Betsy Brooks for making this all possible.      ~Tristan Luxner

Addendum from Andrea and Betsy:  The class did an absolutely fantastic job today!  Everything ran smoothly, and all we had to do was sit back and relax.  Congrats to our temporary BIC Tristan, and his fantastic crew of Jeff, Norma, Tyler, Julia, Kathleen, and Kyle!