SY-Female Prothonotary Warbler Photo by Ryan Kayhart

ASY-Female Prothonotary Warbler
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Friday May 22, 2015.  32 new bandings of 15 species; 24 retraps.  New species PROTHONOTARY WARBLER!

Bird of the day, and probably bird of the spring season, a stunning ASY Female Prothonotary Warbler, was banded this morning … only the third of that species at BBBO netted in 30 years !  Betsy lovingly removed it from the net and Ryan was given the honor of banding this beautiful bird … since he had only recently made two trips to see the bird reported at Montezuma and had been disappointed there.

The BTC students took their final exam.  We had several families visiting with children on this Friday start to the Memorial Day weekend.

Betsy Brooks and Marian Klik – BIC