Monday May 25, 2015.  220 new of 27 species; 12 retraps.  Bird(s) of the day were Swainson’s Thrush with 29 banded, Magnolia Warbler (24 banded), Common Yellowthroat and American Redstart each with 23 banded, and Wilson’s Warbler with 22 banded.

We had many visitors today, beginning with Rodney Olsen with his son Ian and daughter Riley, who were great helpers all day.  Another wonderful surprise was a visit from Sonya Rooney, who was excellent help at the nets all morning.  Jeanne Skelly stopped by and it was great to have Virginia Duffy back for a few days from Florida.   Mark Deutschlander arrived with his son Quinn, who helped by raking the mulch pile.  Several families brought children who got a close-up look at the bird banding process.

Betsy Brooks – BIC