Cedar Waxwing Photo by Peggy Keller

Cedar Waxwing
Photo by Peggy Keller

Saturday May 30, 2015:  66 new birds of 18 species, 14 recaps.  New species:  Cedar Waxwing.  Bird of the day was Traill’s Flycatcher with 18 new bands.

We hosted several guests today, including Doug and Lauren – two former banding assistants from Powdermill Avian Research Center near Pittsburgh, PA.  They were in town for a wedding, and stopped in to see the action.  It was fun to catch up on the banders we know in common, and to compare our stations’ differences.

It was a typical end-of-season morning, with a smattering of warblers and a bushel of flycatchers.  The Blackpoll Warblers were singing non-stop, but we only saw three in our nets today.  At one point, I put in a request for a Cedar Waxwing, as many of them were singing overhead.  Doug and Lauren commented that you rarely get just one of the “Cedar People” (as they are affectionately known at Powdermill), and they put in a request for a whole flock.  Unfortunately, they had to leave before either request was fulfilled.  It turned out that we did just get a singlet today, but I suspect more will come in the days to follow.