Thursday June 4, 2015:  32 new birds of 11 species, 16 recaps.  Bird of the day was Traill’s Flycatcher with 8 new bands, followed by Gray Catbird with 6.  We are definitely hearing more birds than we are catching!  Wood Thrushes sang incessantly from the woods all morning, as Baltimore Orioles sang their fluting notes overhead.  Song Sparrows and Common Yellowthroats seemed to sing from everywhere, and a duo of mimics (Brown Thrasher and Gray Catbird) kept us entertained near the station.  Yet despite the euphony, we had a fairly slow day.  It’s just more evidence that these singers are local birds, and have learned where the nets are!

The star bird of the day was brought in by Katie.  She wouldn’t tell us what it was, only that it was a pretty bird.  When we pulled it out of the bag, we were treated to the pastel pinks and blues of a Mourning Dove.  Despite their funny looking legs and feet (bright reddish-pink, fleshy, and often with missing toes or toenails) and despite their apparent lack of anything resembling a neck (they are just one big fluffy feathery mass!), they are awfully pretty . . . perhaps even more so up close when you can appreciate their soft coloring.

Thanks much to the Thursday crew!