Sunday June 7, 2015:  The MAPS season got off to a good start at High Acres Nature Area (HANA) on Sunday, with the help of seven volunteers. MAPS stands for Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship. This is a program designed to evaluate changes in bird populations throughout North America. The data from the birds captured, along with data from hundreds of similar MAPS station are sent to the Institute for Bird Populations, where trends in populations are calculated. These trends are invaluable to bird conservation. The data is also sent to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is used for many other types of bird conservation research.  It is also being used locally as a conservation planning tool at HANA.

A total of 33 new birds were banded. Age, sex, and a series of physical measurements were determined on each of these birds. There were also 9 recaptured birds on Sunday. Gray Catbirds were the most common species (8 new catbirds were banded). We also had 2 beautiful Wood Thrushes.   One of the last birds of the day was a Veery, which continued to sing as it was removed from the net!

HANA in the morning.  Photo by John Waud

HANA in the morning. Photo by John Waud

Wood Thrush.  Photo by John Waud

Wood Thrush. Photo by John Waud

John Waud – Bander in charge