High Acres Nature Area – July 15, 2015.  We had to dodge the rain and later the wind to complete the MAPS session last Wednesday. To add to this our numbers of birds were low. We banded only 11 new birds of 7 species and processed only 9 recaptures. Nevertheless, this turned out to be a very productive day. We had a staff of five well established banders and this gave us time to review some of the fine points of MAPS banding as we processed the birds. We also were visited by Dr. Christy Tyler’s summer research students. The slow day made it possible to spend more time talking with them about the importance of avian conservation and specifically about the contribution of MAPS studies to conservation. Lastly, a student from the Braddock Bay Bird Observatory bander training program was present, and we used the time to help him work on his skills. While our numbers were low, the day was highly productive! Special thanks go to David Mathiason, Andrea Patterson, Aggie Windig, and Barb French for their help.

John Waud – Bander in Charge