One day you’re up . . . The next day you’re down . . .

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Sunday August 23, 2015:   16 new birds of 11 species; 7 recaps.  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird with 4 new bands.  It was another slow (but beautiful) day at BBBO.  Since we didn’t have many birds to admire in the hand, we spent time looking at the occasional flock of swallows eating mosquitos and midges, all the gorgeous Orb Weaver spiderwebs in the field, and the stunning blue sky.  We were also delighted with a visit from an inquisitive and bright young lady who asked us GREAT questions about birds and banding.  We hope she’ll come back again!

Things are Looking Up!

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Saturday August 22, 2015:  39 new birds of 16 species. 7 recaps.  New species:  Cape May Warbler, Black-throated Blue Warbler.  Bird of the day was Magnolia Warbler with 11 new bands, followed by Yellow-bellied Flycatcher with 5.  There must have been a small migratory movement overnight, because today was radically different from the preceding 4 or 5.  Not only did we have birds, we had birds of many different species!  We banded three species of flycatcher and nine species of warbler.  It was perhaps telling that there were no new Yellow Warblers in the bunch – they have mostly moved on. We are surely in for some more dull days this August, but days like this keep it interesting!

Friday August 21

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Friday August 21, 2015:  13 new birds of 9 species, 10 recaps. New species:  Canada Warbler.  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird with 3 new bands.

Thursday, August 20

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Thursday, August 20:  9 new birds of 5 species; 4 recaps.  Bird of the day was American Redstart with 3 new bands.

Wednesday August 19

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Wednesday, August 19:  11 new birds of 6 species, 6 recaps.  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird with 6 new bands.

Ugh . . . it’s hot!

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Tuesday August 18, 2015:  18 new birds of 8 species; 21 recaps.  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird with 9 new bands.  It was another pretty slow day, but that’s the way August is!  New volunteer Nancy continued to work on net-picking, Ruth did crossword puzzles, and Gary and Andrea just relaxed!  It should pick up soon (at least we hope so).

Good Mourning!

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Monday August 17, 2015:  22 new birds of 13 species; 18 recaps.  New species:  Mourning Warbler.  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird with 6 new bands.  The day started pleasantly enough, but it quickly got hot and sticky.  The birds played it smart, and stayed quiet and still – causing us to have another slow day.  Despite the pace, we had some interesting captures.  The first Mourning Warbler of the season was very dapper in his new fall plumage, as was a newly minted Tennessee Warbler.  We recaptured the Brewster’s Warbler from yesterday, and we were able to compare him with a Blue-winged Warbler that we captured at the same time.  Now . . . if only we had a Lawrence’s and a Golden-winged as well . . .

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