Thursday Sept 3, 2015:  20 new birds of 10 species; 8 recaps.  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird with 6 new bands.  The morning started off pretty well, but after several runs with no birds, Barb exclaimed “there is NOTHING stirring out there . . . not even a catbird!”  Barb took the opportunity to take Chelsea (the MARS technician) and Maddie (a student from HWS) over to the BBRR hawk blind, where they were lucky enough to see a Red-tailed Hawk caught and banded.  As they missed exactly zero birds at our station, the field trip turned out to be a good choice.  At the end of the day, we noted that 17 out of 18 birds processed today came before hour 2.5 . . . leaving us with 7 runs with nothing but a single bird.

So why do we stay open when it’s so slow?  We are a “constant effort” station, which means we set a regular schedule and we stick to it – deviating only to accommodate lousy weather or other unforeseen events.  If we were a “only when we feel like making the effort” station or a “only when it seems like there will be a lot of birds effort” station, then we would be more limited in the kinds of conclusions we might be able to draw.  So . . . we stick out the slow boring times in the name of science!