Monday September 21 2015  123 new bands of 28 species; 16 retraps.  New species Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Western Palm Warbler.  Bird of the day was White-throated Sparrow with 21 banded.

Twelve warbler species were banded today including 10 Common Yellowthroats, 6 Northern Parula and 6 Black-throated Blue Warblers.

The Bander Training Class students are beginning to band and process the birds, and all are becoming competent net-pickers.  Today they learned how to set up a net, after which they split into two teams, each putting up a net in a location they choose.  We’ll see which net is most effective at catching birds.

It was good to have Emily Patterson back with us for a few days.

Marian Klik -BIC