Saturday October 10, 2015:  104 new birds of 12 species, 25 recaps.  Bird of the day wasn’t even close.  Ruby-crowned Kinglets ran away with the title, with 52 new bands.  Running a distant second was White-throated Sparrow, with 18 new bands.

This is how October should be – crisp and cool, with a touch of warm sunshine and blue sky.  We were anticipating a busy day due to the north-ish overnight winds, and our expectation was bolstered by the amount of bird noise in the bushes.  As it turned out, our expectations were much too high!  We had a very good day with over 100 birds, however, and it gave some of our newer students a chance to step in and contribute.  Joe continued banding, and – after banding her first two birds last Thursday – Chelsea had the opportunity to band several more today.  Calvin worked on net-extraction and taking blood samples for Dr. Sue’s research, and us old-timers just made sure things got done on time!

We had a number of interesting guests today, including a student birding group from SUNY ESF,  a young birder from Connecticut and his father, a group of adults out enjoying the day, and Ryan’s sister Kim.