Sunday October 11, 2015:  19 new birds of 7 species, 15 recaps.  Bird of the day was Brown Leaf Bird with 1,000,000 picked.  Second place went to Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 9 new bands.  The wind didn’t do us any favors overnight or this morning, as the strong SW gusts sent leaves whirling into our nets.  Where did the fall go???  Last week the leaves were green and on the trees, and this week they are brown and on the ground!  Never did we see the glorious yellows and reds of autumn, and we all feel that we’ve missed out just a bit.  There must still be hundreds of sparrows, thrushes and kinglets yet to come, but today’s nearly-equal number of new and recaptured birds suggests that very few moved in last night.   Betsy and Ryan start their last week with us tomorrow, so we hope that there are good days ahead!