Monday October 19, 2015:  32 new birds of 9 species, 23 recaps.  Ruby-crowned Kinglet reclaims the title as bird of the day, with 12 new bands.

Yesterday we mentioned that most of the sparrows in the flock in the parking lot have been banded.  By the end of the morning, it was clear that most of the birds in the area have been banded!  We processed more new birds than recaptures today, but as the day wore on, we were releasing more and more birds that had already been processed earlier in the day.

It’s been a bit of a frustrating fall!  The winds almost never seem right, and when they are from the NW they are accompanied by downpours that last all night long.  We are currently on track to have one of the slowest fall seasons since 2000!  We keep expecting the birds to come . . . and they never do.  Perhaps they have taken full advantage of the few opportunities they’ve had, and have completely overshot our station?

We will be open for two more weeks . . . perhaps the siskins and goldfinches will put a good end to the season!