Saturday October 24, 2015: 43 new birds of 12 species, 13 recaps.  Bird of the day is Golden-crowned Kinglet with 19 new bands.  We were excited to see a flock of nearly 50 Rusty Blackbirds (with a few Red-winged Blackbirds mixed in) whistling in the trees near the swamp.  Although they were flying near all 6 aerial nets, we didn’t catch a single one.  Nor did we have a repeat of yesterdays siskin event.  We saw and heard a couple small flocks, but they must have been warned to stay up high!  We were disappointed that the blackbirds and siskins avoided us, but we were grateful the looming rain stayed away.  The radar showed rain all around us, but it was on a line that took it just to the NW of us.

We banded our 4,000th bird of the season today; it was likely a Hermit Thrush or Slate-colored Junco.  That total includes 675 birds banded between July 20 and August 15 in the “fall pre-season”.  Just one week of banding remains!