Donna Traver and Bob Reed Remembered in Our May 2015 Memorial Garden Ceremony

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                                                                     Bob Reed

Bob came to Manitou Beach as a child and stayed there to raise a family.  He loved the water and anything nautical.  During that time he came to know and love the local history of the beach.  He enjoyed dogs, large family gatherings and doing wood restoration.

                                                                 Donna Bell Traver

Donna was a beloved teacher at the Jefferson Road School in Pittsford.  After she retired, she and her husband Don traveled extensively and managed to see a member of every bird family in the world. 


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Wednesday October 21, 2015.  31 new bandings of 10 species; 15 recaps.  New species: Rusty Blackbird.

There were just enough of us to get the nets open and go for four hours before the rain came in.  We were thinking the day would be slow and uneventful but on the third net check there was excitement near net 40.  We saw a flock of big birds in the trees next to the net and then in the net were more big birds.  Ten big birds made the net look full, but it was very manageable.  And very exciting because they were Rusty Blackbirds, a new species for the season!!

First Rusty Blackbird! Photo by Peggy Keller

First Rusty Blackbird!
Photo by Peggy Keller

Male and Female Rusty Blackbirds Photo by Kathy Habgood

Male and Female Rusty Blackbirds
Photo by Kathy Habgood

Rusty Blackbirds - Back View Photo by Kathy Habgood

Rusty Blackbirds – Back View
Photo by Kathy Habgood

We also banded 10 White-throated Sparrows.

Peggy Keller – BIC

Definitely winding down now!

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Tuesday October 20, 2015:  20 new birds of 7 species, 23 recaps.  Bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 7 new bands.  We weren’t expecting much today given the strong winds that blew from the SW all night and through the morning, so we were actually delighted to see as many birds as we did!  Most of our catch was kinglets (13 of 20 new birds).  It was interesting that we caught no new sparrows today.  We recaptured four White-throated Sparrows, but there are again clearly very few “new”  birds foraging in our woods.  On a happier note – a lot of the leaves seemed to come down yesterday, because we weren’t overwhelmed with leaves in our nets today!

It’s Official: We have banded all the birds

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Monday October 19, 2015:  32 new birds of 9 species, 23 recaps.  Ruby-crowned Kinglet reclaims the title as bird of the day, with 12 new bands.

Yesterday we mentioned that most of the sparrows in the flock in the parking lot have been banded.  By the end of the morning, it was clear that most of the birds in the area have been banded!  We processed more new birds than recaptures today, but as the day wore on, we were releasing more and more birds that had already been processed earlier in the day.

It’s been a bit of a frustrating fall!  The winds almost never seem right, and when they are from the NW they are accompanied by downpours that last all night long.  We are currently on track to have one of the slowest fall seasons since 2000!  We keep expecting the birds to come . . . and they never do.  Perhaps they have taken full advantage of the few opportunities they’ve had, and have completely overshot our station?

We will be open for two more weeks . . . perhaps the siskins and goldfinches will put a good end to the season!

Cornell Weekend at BBBO

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This weekend, students from David Bonter’s “Field Methods in Bird Banding Class” descended on BBBO to practice their developing banding skills.  The 18 students (including 2 TAs) spent both Saturday and Sunday running the station, and they did a fantastic job!

Saturday October 17, 2015:  54 new birds of 11 species; 20 recaps.  Bird of the day was Golden-crowned Kinglet with 24 new bands.  It was the coldest morning of the year so far, so the class made 15 minute net checks until about the second hour after sunrise.  Most of the students had only banded a small handful of feeder birds (chickadees and woodpeckers!), so it was great for them to get experience with a different variety of species and a larger number of birds.  By the end of the day, it was clear that the students were much more confident and comfortable at the banding table.  Highlights included a Nashville Warbler caught first thing in the morning.  We tried for owls later in the evening, but we came up completely empty.

Sunday October 18, 2015:  116 new birds of 12 species, 29 recaps.  Bird of the day was Golden-crowned Kinglet with 44 new bands.  Highlights included a Sharp-shinned Hawk, Hairy Woodpecker, and Eastern Phoebe.  Most of the Saturday’s students stuck around for today, and three new students filtered in.  It was chilly again, but overall we had a really successful day with enough birds to keep everyone busy all morning.

The flock of sparrows (white-throated, white-crowned, and song) in the parking lot continues.  We are able to see that most of them are banded – so we feel like we have done our job pretty thoroughly!

The Season Begins to Wind Down…

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Friday October 16, 2015.  42 new bandings of 14 species; 29 recaps.

The day started out cold and gray, but the showers stayed just east of us on the lakefront.   By 11 AM, the day turned sunny and dry.

Bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 17 banded.

A Blue Jay banded by Sonya Rooney here as a hatching year bird on October 11, 2013 was recaptured and released today.

The fall 2015 season ended today for Ryan and Betsy, but banding will continue here until at least October 30.

Betsy Brooks – BIC

Late Scarlet Tanager Banded Today!

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Thursday October 15, 2015.  50 new bandings of 15 species; 9 recaps.

We banded 13 White-throated Sparrows, but the beautiful adult female Scarlet Tanager was the bird of the day!

Female Scarlet Tanager!

Female Scarlet Tanager!

Maddie learned how to apply stainless steel bands to two different Northern Cardinals.

We enjoyed a visit from a family of home-schoolers who learned that Scarlet Tanagers in fall plumage are not scarlet!

Joanna Klima mended two nets for us.

We all enjoyed Ryan’s freshly baked blueberry-cream pie, made from blueberries picked in Vermont last summer.

Pat Lovallo packed up the hats and t-shirts for the season, and also worked on her list of birds available for adoption!

Betsy Brooks – BIC

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