Tuesday April 19, 2016:  111 new birds of 13 species, 13 recaps.  New species:  Yellow-shafted Flicker and Pine Warbler.  Bird of the day was a near-tie between Golden-crowned Kinglet at 42 and Ruby-crowned Kinglet at 44.

We thought we had escaped the influx of early-morning kinglets today, because the first two net checks yielded only a dozen birds each (more or less).  One the 1.5 hour run, though, we got whomped with several dozen of the tiny birds, and we could tell that there were dozens more still in the trees.  After that first flush, things settled down and we were actually able to take snack breaks (during which we enjoyed the fantastic cheesecake and chocolate cake brought by Tom, and the Timbits brought by Ruth).

Highlights today included a Yell0w-shafted Flicker with some stunning coral and salmon colored feather shafts, and a brilliant yellow Pine Warbler.


Pine Warbler


Yellow-shafted Flicker with salmon-colored shafts