Thursday April 21, 2016:  151 new birds of 13 species, 22 recaps.  New species:  House Wren, Northern Waterthrush, Chipping Sparrow.  Bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 77 new bands.

We might have had a little lull yesterday, but we were back in the saddle today!  Kinglets took over the station – between both Ruby and Golden-crowned, we handled 102 of the tiny birds today.  The numbers of White-throated Sparrows jumped up overnight, and we went from banding 0 or 1 to banding 23.  The white-morph below shows off his bright yellow lores and clean white supercilium . . .We forget how stunning they can be!


White-throated Sparrow

We also banded our third warbler species of the season – we captured a pair of Northern Waterthrush.