Wednesday May 4, 2016  57 new bands of 19 species; 9 recaps.  New species Ovenbird, Blue-winged Warbler, Nashville Warbler, and House Finch.  Bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 32 banded.

Cindy and Peggy were just back from birding with Chita in Spain.  Kelly Wicks brought her daughter to enjoy the birds.  The MARS research trailer arrived from Canisius College, and fortunately, Jim Gillette had just spread fresh gravel on the driveway to make it easier to get the trailer in.  Allen Nash spread several loads of mulch on our soggy trails.  Ryan Maclean stopped by to talk about yesterday’s exciting hawk count,  which yesterday’s banders had enjoyed from the banding station.

Melissa, a student at Rodney Olsen’s school in Vermont, continued helping as our intern for 10 days.   Our spring Field Assistant, Erin Lefkowitz, has already become a competent bander.

Betsy Brooks