Thursday May 5, 2016  10 new bands of 6 species; 3 retraps.  Bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with five banded.

We welcomed over 20 home-schoolers with their parents and siblings who spent a good part of the morning with us playing Andrea’s creative games about birds  and learning about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of banding birds.  A feisty Brown Thrasher was the hit of the day, and everyone got to listen to his heart beat.


Brown Thrasher photo by Ryan Kayhart

Melissa, our intern visiting from Vermont,  assisted with folding bird bags, and later helped haul many wheelbarrows of mulch to Allan Nash who spread them on the wet spots on our trails.

Tom Verhulst trained new volunteer Allen Peterson to scribe, while Jeannie entered data.  For the second day, we spent quite a bit of time outside watching the hawk migration, which included an adult Bald Eagle.

Betsy Brooks