Saturday May 7, 2016:  37 new birds of 12 species; 2 recap.  New species:  Least Flycatcher.  Bird of the day was Blue Jay with 16 new bands.  Hundreds of Blue Jays streamed overhead today as they moved along the lakeshore.  Occasionally descending to the trees, they encountered the “wall of Braddock Bay” (i.e. our mist nets) and we managed to snare several of them.  We had a fantastic opportunity to compare the vivid blue primary coverts of the older birds with the faded brownish-blue coverts of the younger birds.  Our two recaps were both banded in 2014 – one was a Common Grackle which is now at least in its 4th year, and the other was a Black-capped Chickadee which is now at least in its 3rd year.  Today also saw Chris Norment’s Ornithology class from SUNY Brockport and Cub Scout Pack #288 stop by the station.