Thursday May 12, 2016.  79 new bands of 24 species; 7 recaps.  New species Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Veery, Tennessee Warbler, Hooded Warbler, Canada Warbler, Eastern White-crowned Sparrow and Indigo Bunting.

The dam burst, and although 79 new birds isn’t spectacular, the variety was fantastic.  The first bird of the day was an ASY male Indigo Bunting, followed by 12 species of warblers!


We especially appreciated the stunning variety today because we had a record number of visitors including Rodney Olsen’s students from Vermont, and a bevy of banders and ex-banders (Sharon Skelly, Tom MacDonald, Dan Nivens).  We had scheduled visits from a group of elders who learned all about raptor banding from BBRR’s Suzie Cotswold, the Town of Greece Hiking Club (at least 50 individuals), and a group of bikers who stopped in.

This is Rochester in the spring (finally!).

Betsy Brooks, BIC