Thursday May 26, 2016.  261 new bands of 34 species; 5 recaps.  New species Alder Flycatcher, Eastern Wood Pewee, and Gray-cheeked Thrush.

Normally, unless a Traill’s Flycatcher sings in the hand while being banded, we cannot be sure if it an Alder or Willow Flycatcher.  But one bird sang in its bag while waited in line to be banded and it sang in the hand … and it was clearly the song of an Alder Flycatcher!

It was a glorious day of banding with 34 species handled, and the crew operating like the well-trained banders, scribes, and net-pickers they are!  We were particularly happy to have John Waud back with us helping with all the rounds at the nets.  And it was also wonderful to have Doris Waud back with one of her wonderful coffee cakes!

Quinn Deutschlander helped carry bird bags on some of the net runs.  Altogether, perhaps the best day of the spring 2016 season!

Betsy Brooks, BIC