Monday August 29, 2016.  49 new birds of 18 species, 13 recaps.  New species:  Philadelphia Vireo.  Bird of the Day was Baltimore Oriole with 10 new bands – all caught in the back aerials on the same net run.

The orioles invaded again today, giving us another look at the oddly colored plumage seen the other day.  One interesting observation – of the 23 orioles banded in the two flocks that hit the station today and Saturday, only 5 have been adults . . . and all 5 have been males.  Where are the adult females???  We don’t know!  Maybe they molt later than the males and are taking a little break from the men and kids while they finish changing clothes . . . maybe they aren’t as “flocky” in the fall . . . maybe it’s just coincidence!

For most of the morning we, thought that the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was destined to be the bird of the day.  They were ahead after every net check . . . until the flock of orioles came in and took over the lead in one fell swoop.  Still, the Yellow-bellies managed a respectable second place, tied with Magnolia Warbler.

We leave you with this shy-looking Philadelphia Vireo – the first one of the season.  It was the tiniest Vireo we had ever seen, and we were misled enough to wonder (for a moment, at least) what kind of warbler she was!


Hatch-year Philadelphia Vireo