Tuesday August 30, 2016.  26 new birds of 15 species, 13 recaps.  No new species.  Bird of the day was a 4-way tie between Least Flycatcher, Red-eyed Vireo, Gray Catbird, and Common Yellowthroat each with three new bands.

Oh flycatchers!  Why are they so confusing???  We captured both Yellow-bellied and Least Flycatchers today, and as a bonus we captured two Eastern Wood-pewee.  While the empidonax flycatchers can sometimes be confused for each other, in this case it was the pewee that were giving us trouble!  Eastern Wood-pewee are supposed to have yellow lower mandibles, but our two young ones had nearly all-black lower mandibles!  This isn’t unusual in young birds, but it always gives us pause.

We had a visitor from the MAPS station today.  The Common Yellowthroat pictured below was banded earlier this summer on the east side of Manitou Beach Road, but he’s made his way over to us.  His mask is extremely patchy – it would be neat to catch him next spring and catalog how it’s changed.


Second-year Male Common Yellowthroat