Sunday April 16, 2017:  107 new birds of 14 species, 20 recaps.  New species:  Sharp-shinned Hawk, Tufted Titmouse, and Common Grackle.  Bird of the day was Black-capped Chickadee with 41 new bands, followed by Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 25 new bands.

The chickadee movement continues, as the marauding hoardes continue to move down the hedgerows and through the trees.  These chickadees are not (yet) local, as they were not here late last fall or through the winter, and instead seem to be birds that must have irrupted to parts south and are now circling the lake looking for tempting places to settle. It will be interesting to see if any remain.

Hundreds of raptors including Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Sharp-shinned Hawks and Coopers Hawks filled the sky today.  Many were flying low, but only one found our nets – a third-year male sharpie.  Relatively tiny as far as raptors go, this little gent was much smaller than the three grackles we caught later in the day.  They always seem to look worried, but we actually think he’s just scanning for his next meal!