Monday May 1, 2017  The trails are all water soaked and mud caked. For those of us 
wearing hiking boots, the mud and water made it over the top of our boot to 
soak our feet. There literally was a small creek of running water 
between nets 1 and 2.  The parking lot was a small swimming pool.   

The winds were out of the south at 6 am so all the nets got put up and hopes 
were high.  We were not disappointed.   One net held as many as 30 birds of 
various species.    By 9 am, it was pouring rain, so all the nets came 
down.  BUT, we ended up with  125 new birds of which Ruby-crowned Kinglets 
(44) and Myrtle warblers (36) made up the majority.  Six new species for 
the season showed up: Wood Thrush, Black-and-white Warbler, Common Yellow- 
throat, Yellow Warbler, Magnolia Warbler and Black-throated Green 
Warbler.  Not bad for the nets being open only three hours.  With winds 
predicted out of the south and southwest tomorrow, it may be another 
good day.

Marian Klik, BIC