There was a big hurray cheer when the sun showed up for the first 
time in many dark, wet days at the station.  You could just feel the 
trails drying up for a couple to hours.  The Marsh Marigolds love this 
weather.  Note (Fig. 1) how they skipped over the trail to take hold in 
new places.   

The majority of the new birds were Ruby-crowned Kinglets (25), Blue jays (12) and 
and Myrtle Warblers (11).  A new species for the season made its appearance, 
a Rose-breasted Grosbeak female.  An unusual capture of a Ruby-crowned 
Kinglet was made that had a yellow crown.  

The weather is slowly improving so if the winds blow out of the south, look
out, here they come.
Marian Klik - Bander-in-charge.