It was rather a broken up day. Lots of rain. It was raining when we all arrived but the weather report showed a break in about an hour. So we visited for an hour and got the nets up at 6.30 am. We went out at 7:00 am and could not believe our eyes. There were a variety of birds in almost every net, sometimes as many as 11 in one net. Trying to get them all out brought on the next run and the rain again. In that one hour we picked up 87 new birds, 29 different species and only one recap. Of the new birds, Traill’s flycatchers, made up the largest amount followed by Magnolia warblers, and Wilson’s warblers.

We waited until 11 am for the rain to break while we finished banding all the birds. Rain slowed down but never completely stopped so we gave up for the day. I would venture a guess that 87 birds in one hour is a good record. In the rain, Mike gave us lessons in bird calls. The Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Blackpoll were singing at full voice for us the hear and learn their songs. Sad to see the season come to a close but the MAPS program may give us some summer pleasure.

Marian Klik BIC