Tuesday May 30, 2017:  197 new birds of 30 species, 23 recaps.  No new species.  Bird of the day was Traill’s Flycatcher with 35 new bands, followed by Magnolia Warbler and Wilson’s Warbler, each with 21 new bands.  A quick rainstorm prompted us to close the nets for a half hour mid-morning, but the rest of the day was pleasant and dry, especially after the rain knocked down the early morning humidity.

It was ladies day at BBBO, as the overwhelming majority of our birds were female (at least of the birds that show a sexually dimorphic plumage difference!), and most were younger.  In many species, older males migrate first and younger females last, so even though we are still seeing high numbers and good species diversity, migration is nearing its tail end.

We are seeing increasing numbers of birds with brood patches (especially in grackles, robins, and Song Sparrows), but no fledgies yet!  We usually get a young grackle before the end of the season . . . perhaps tomorrow.


Female Red-winged Blackbird, originally banded May 11, 2014 as an after-second year bird (putting her hatch date at 2012 or before), and recaptured today.