“… One space spreads through all creatures equally-
inner-world- space. Birds quietly flying go
flying through us. Oh, I that want to grow,
the tree I look outside at grows in me!” – Rilke

Saturday May 12, 2018. 15 new birds of 10 species, 11 retraps. No new species.  Bird of the day was Western Palm Warbler with 3 new bands.

Today on World Migratory Bird Day we celebrated the Year of the Bird by banding some beautiful migratory and resident species and sharing company with Buffalo Ornithological Society and other visitors to the station.  It started as a rainy day and our busiest net run was our last one. While we didn’t band many new birds we had great species diversity. Our bird of the day, Western Palm Warbler, is a migratory species that travels from its breeding grounds in north-central Canada to the southern United States, the Caribbean, and the southern tip of Mexico. It is incredible to think that they pass through New York on their journeys over thousands of miles- “Birds quietly flying go flying through us”.  When the birds touch our hands they also touch our hearts, and I always wish the birds safe passage as I let them go after banding them. Perhaps that little band will teach us even more about this species and others.

How did you celebrate World Migratory Bird Day?

— Kaitlin Clark