Wednesday April 17: 21 new birds of 8 species; 11 recaps.  No new species.  Bird of the day was Golden-crowned Kinglet with 6 new bands.

The station has been operating for several days as part of special events, but today marked the official opening of the spring season!!!

It was a very cold day . . . so cold we could not open several nets for the first few net checks. Despite the cold and grey skies we had several visitors who bundled up and went on net checks with our brave net pickers. They had to go every 15 minutes so had plenty of steps on their fitness trekkers.

Our totals were on the low side but we were happy to see our first day of 8 different species. There were several Kinglets both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned, a nice Fox Sparrow and of course our friend the Chickadee.

IMG_1565 Fox sparrow