The banding station was closed on April 26th and 27th because of wind and rain.  This time of year is  always dicey and unpredictable . . . and shown (perhaps) by the weird juxtaposition of a Magnificent Frigatebird flying west along the lakeshore on the same day we got a skiff of snow.

The bad weather timed itself well, as Andrea had a meeting at Winous Marsh near Port Clinton, OH.  She is a member of the North American Banding Council (NABC), and the council held its annual meeting the last weekend in April.  The council is a non-profit with a mission of promoting sound and ethical banding principles and techniques.  Through a variety of educational materials, trainings, and certifications, NABC hopes to develop a pool of competent and ethical banders across the hemisphere.  BBBO’s own Betsy Brooks was a founding member of the Council, and several of her band-kids have taken up the challenge to become certified.  In fact, BBBO currently boasts six certified trainers, two certified banders, and two certified assistants!  We’re thrilled that BBBO continues to play a role in this important organization, and we hope that more of our volunteers will be certified in the years to come.