Monday April 29, 2019:  31 new birds of 11 species, 26 recaps.  No new species.  Bird of the day was Golden-crowned Kinglet with 11 new bands.

In a surprise move, Golden-crowned Kinglets outnumbered Ruby-crowned for the first time since April 17th.  It was all younger females, but we were a little surprised that we had so many making the trip so late.  The weather has probably slowed at least some birds, but they all seem fat and healthy so we hope they have some fair winds soon.

Interestingly, we also got four Yellow-rumped Warblers, our first since April 13th.  The “butterbutts”  are always some of our earliest warblers, along with Northern Waterthrush and Black-and-white Warblers.  We know there we’ll see dozens before season’s end, but the first few always make us “feast our eyes”.