Tuesday April 30, 2019:  97 birds of 15 species; 54 recaps.  New species:  Western Palm Warbler and Swamp Sparrow.  Bird of the Day was Yellow-rumped Warbler with 43 new bands.

Things are picking up!  Not only did we have our biggest day of the season so far, we’re finally seeing more warblers.  Research is picking up around the station as well.  Today, Heather Williams brought three students from SUNY Buffalo to collaborate on a measurement study.  We’re comparing manual measurements to those taken digitally using photographs and a computer program.  We got 50 datapoints today, and we’ll collect as many more as we can next Tuesday as well.  Heather is hoping to show that the digital method is as accurate, consistent and repeatable (or perhaps even moreso) than manual measurements, and because it’s initially quicker may provide some advantages in the field.