We banded 141 new birds of 35 species
There were 39 recaptures
We were able to keep all our nets open for the full six hours. We haven’t been able to do that for several days, due to all the rain showers! We have a banding class going on all week and the students were finally able to get more practice at the nets and the banding table too. Warblers were the bird of the day, with 15 different species. Most exciting Warbler of the day was a beautiful male Brewster’s Warbler. For those not familiar, Brewster’s is a hybrid between BlueWinged Warbler and Folden Winged Warbler. Other highlights were 7 Eastern White Crowned Sparrows and several Lincoln’s Sparrows. The numbers of Ruby Crowned Kinglets have dropped quite a bit and we banded one very late little Golden Crowned Kinglet. All in all it was a fine day!
Thanks to all the volunteers who are getting a lot of exercise slogging through the extremely muddy net lanes!
Cindy Marino


IMG_1744 Blue-winged Warbler

IMG_1756 Brewster's WarblerIMG_1738 Orange-crowned Warbler