Friday 5/3/19 Birds, Birds, and more Birds

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Total 337 new birds, of 27 species with only 2 recaps. That many and not all the nets were up, only about 76 net hours. We actually waited for the rain to lighten up. When we had a brief breack we opened only the first 6 nets. We came back in one run with more birds then our total on Wednesday. Close again for an hour and then went for the first 6 plus more but not all. With just those nets we were soon over run by birds and called in the more banders and pickers. Thanks to Alice, Ann and Sue for picking and Dan Niven and Pat for stepping in to scribe when they thought they were just coming in to visit. Andrea who thought  she had a day off and ended up banding lots of birds.IMG_1657IMG_1565 Fox sparrow

Wednsday 5/1/19 Chilly Temps

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A slow day with only 16 new species and 16 recaptures. Did have a new Nashville Warbler. Thats why we band whenever possible. Grey skies and chilly temps continue. Each step hard work as the mud takes over the trails.


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