Hour 4

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Friday October 25 a great day. 123 new birds of 10 species and 15 recaps. The net pickers were bringing a steady amount of birds in and then HOUR 4 !!!! They came in with 52 birds.  The day count for Slate-colored Juncos was 53. GCKIs and RCKIs equalled 45 and we had 12 Brown Creepers. A great Friday.IMG_3439 Golden-crowned Kinglet761DA1B3-5650-408A-81F8-7748C9F2261C_1_201_aIMG_3049

Wind and Leaves

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October 23, 2019 started out with a bit of a wind but by hour 5 the wind and leaves shut us down. for the safty of the birds we started closing the nets.

We did end up with 15 new birds of 4 species and 12 recaps.

Thank you all for the leave challenge.D4927269-2DDB-4DB1-96D9-5C50D2394ADB_1_201_a.jpeg

YEA ! 145

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Today was a great day. We had 145 new species and 45 recaps.  There were 15 different species. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 62, Golden-crowned Kinglet 28, and 17 Hermit Thrush. There were also 10 Juncos. The station got pretty busy when 4 volunteers from Appledore banding station showed up. We had wind and fall leaves but went home happy.fullsizeoutput_514b


Eastern Phoebe

Few Birds but Sunny

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Total new 39 birds and 17 recaps. We had 10 species. A nice Field Sparrow, a Swamp Sparrow, a nice Carolina Wren and more White-throated Sparrows. Another sunny day though cool but when the sun is out there is no complaining in Rochester.fullsizeoutput_5143fullsizeoutput_511d

Eastern Towhee !

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We had a total of 51 new birds representing 13 different species and then another 11 recaps. Another day of lots of White-throated Sparrows. Thanks to the Wednesday crew and grateful for the sun.fullsizeoutput_50a9fullsizeoutput_50a6

Yea! North Winds

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Friday October 4 – 94 new species. 19 different species and 26 recaps. Ruby-crowned Kinglet wins with a total of 30 and White-throated Sparrow was close with 26 birds. We had a good variety of species with an Orange-crowned Warbler, Black-throated green Warbler and a Northern Parula. Somewhat on the chilly side but my staff was prepared and Cindy and I thank you.fullsizeoutput_504efullsizeoutput_5054lWpMOrWtTjqq1LhbrGbXZAfullsizeoutput_505f