Saturday April 25, 2020:  8 new birds of 7 species; 9 recaps.  Bird of the day was Hermit Thrush with two new bands.

We started the morning below zero (again!), but it quickly warmed up a bit and we had a lovely calm, clear day for banding.

Unfortunately . . . there were just not that many birds around!  Although I walked 13,000 steps and Emily walked as many or more, we ended the day with only eight new birds.  We hate to be idle at the station, however, so we took the opportunity to move some net poles, to re-set all the guylines on our six aerial nets, and to start cutting down a huge Multiflora Rose bush which has grown up in the “backyard” of the station.  Multiflora Rose is a non-native species, and it can form dense impenetrable thickets that displace native vegetation.  We have eliminated three large (10 foot-tall!) bushes at the station, and the bush in the “backyard” is the last of the really big plants.  There are numerous small stems that spring up here and there, but we manage them fairly easily by cutting at least twice a year.

-Andrea Patterson