Tuesday September 1, 2020: 57 new birds of 14 species; 23 recaps. New species: Philadelphia Vireo and Northern Parula. We have banded a total of 44 species this season, 22 of which are warblers. Bird of the day was Magnolia Warbler with 20 new bands, followed by American Redstart with 6.

The winds were from the south and southwest all night long, but somehow birds must have been encouraged to take to the night skies, as today we had our busiest day yet this season! Most of the difference was made up by a big jump in Magnolia Warblers (6 yesterday, and 20 today), but both vireo and catbird numbers were up as well.

A delightful surprise came in the form of three Northern Parula – two young females and one young male (pictured below). These tiny warblers are a bright blue-gray with a vivid yellow throat and chest, and they are heavily accessorized with a yellow-green backpack, white wing bars and eye crescents, and a tawny-colored necklace. They are plump, perky birds that always bring a smile.

They also bring controversy. How DO you say their name? It seems the preferred pronounciation by most folks is Puh-ROO-la, but some folks say PAIR-oo-la. Here at the station, we tend to be in the first camp but with a twist . . . if one looks extra fancy we might call it a Par-ooh-la-la, but mostly we say Puh-ROOOOOOOOOOO-la!

Photo: Northern Parula (hatch year, male)

Thanks to Gayle, Gary and Carolyn for making the day run smoothly.

-Andrea Patterson