Thursday April 15, 2021: 3 birds of 2 species; 0 recaps. New species: Black-capped Chickadee and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. We have banded 2 species this season, none of which are warblers. Bird of the day was Black-capped Chickadee with two new bands.

It’s our spring grand opening!!! At least . . . it was supposed to be. I woke up feeling optimistic that the early morning rain would move out by 8 or 9AM, but by the time I arrived at the station, the forecast had changed and it looked like the drizzle would continue until almost noon. The crew was onsite but we couldn’t open nets, and although we were thrilled to see each other again after a long winter, we didn’t really want to just sit around. So, we did some data entry, sorted through all the bird bags looking for holes and stray threads, inventoried the new band supply, and stretched out a dozen nets inside the building to see if they were in either a useable or at least fixable condition.

I was able to open a small handful of nets for a half-hour at the end of the day after the rain moved out, but there wasn’t much moving and I caught only three birds.

Thanks to Jeanne for entering data; to Megan, Gayle and Jane for helping sort nets, to Sue for bringing in our lab supplies for the spring, and to Tom and Michelle for wrangling the bags . . . and an extra thank you to everyone for being such good sports on a crummy day!

–Andrea Patterson