Who we are

Andrea, Cindy, Marilyn & Kathleen net picking ChickadeesBraddock Bay Bird Observatory is a non-profit organization dedicated to ornithological research, education and conservation. BBBO is operated entirely by volunteers, with the financial support of our members. Our banding staff currently includes 9 Master Banders, 10 Sub-permitted Banders, seasonal interns, research associates, and a very talented and dedicated crew of volunteers.

Where we work

A majority of our research is currently conducted at the Kaiser-Manitou Beach Banding Station. The station is located on the south shore of Lake Ontario near Braddock Bay — just northwest of Rochester, New York. This area is a focal point of bird activity, especially during spring and fall migration when it is possible to see over 130 species of songbirds. While our primary banding program centers on passerine migration, we also operate a summer MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) station and a Northern Saw-whet Owl program.

A brief history

The Observatory began its work in 1985 with the spring migration monitoring program.  In 1994, the Braddock Bay Bird Observatory became incorporated and received its not-for-profit status. In 1999, the land on which Kaiser-Manitou Beach Banding Station operates was generously donated by the Kaiser Family to the Genesee Land Trust for our continued use.  We have recently renovated our indoor facilities, and are now happily working in the Robert G. McKinney Banding Lab and the Elizabeth W. Brooks Center for Learning about Migratory Birds.

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