White-throated Sparrows Rule the Day!

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Tuesday October 11,2016   76 new, 35 retraps, 11 species

Slower day from what we had on Monday!  But enough to keep us busy and show some birds to our visitors.

Bird of the day  was White-throated Sparrow with 31 banded.


Ryan Kayhart -BIC

Steady and Interesting Day

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Thursday, October 6  49 new bandings of 18 species; 36 retraps.  Species with the most bandings (11) was White-throated Sparrow.

We had no huge numbers of birds on any net-run, but it was an interesting and steady day of banding.  The morning began when I discovered someone had left two bags of trash outside the door to the banding lab, and raccoons had opened each bag and scattered garbage and trash all over the area.  Thank you to Jim Saller who volunteered to clean up the mess!

Most of the day we had two tables going … I was able to make up for some of the days I had missed earlier in the season … banding steadily under the watchful and helpful eye of Tom Verhulst.  Jeannie Verhulst spent most of the day entering data.

There continue to be a few warblers banded and then tested in the MARS trailer by Elliot, and we continued to note very plump Blackpolls as they put on fat for their journey to the coast and then to South America.

Dan Nivens dropped by and he and Barb French and I had a conversation about the large female Sharp-shinned Hawk I took out of a net yesterday .   I had called it a Cooper’s Hawk but I was finally convinced that it was ‘just’ a Sharpie … with a wing-chord just a few milometers shy of the smallest wing-chord on a Cooper’s Hawk.  Man … that was a handsome handful of a bird!

Carol Southby arrived just as we were closing and we had our semi-annual, delicious picnic lunch!

Betsy Brooks, BIC



Super Fat Blackpolls!

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We had a busy day today at BBBO. We banded 76 new birds and we had many recaps, 73 to be exact! Again, the bird of the day was Blackpoll Warbler, with 26 new bands and the majority of the recaps were Blackpolls also. Several of the Blackpolls were super fat. The fattest one weighed in at 20.8 grams and was originally banded a couple weeks ago.
Runner up for bird of the day was White-throated Sparrow, with 8 new bands.
Cindy Marino, BIC



Tuesday September 27,2016

101 new, 55 retraps 21 Species New Species White eyed Vireo!

Betsy’s  first day back!  And a good day even though the wind was the wrong direction.

We have banded 15 White-eyed Vireo during 31 years! Bird of the day was Blackpoll warbler with 24.banded, beating White-throated Sparrow by 1. Also banded our 7th  Red breasted Nuthatch of the season! Could we beat our record 30 banded in 2012!

Ryan Kayhart – Bander-in-charge




Wednesday September 28, 2016.
We banded 106 new birds.  Bird of the day was Blackpoll Warbler , with 51 new bands.
There were 35 recaps.
We had a visit from great group of students from SUNY Geneseo, along with their professor Kristi Hannam.

Other visitors included Dr. Drew Lanham, ornithologist and author from Clemson University, and  RBA president, Laura Kammermeier.

Researcher Elliot Johnston tested 54 birds in the MARS lab, 44 of which were Blackpolls.

In the evening, we set up for owls, but had no luck in catching any.  But a large crowd enjoyed cake and ice-cream  to honor Jenna Holschuh, who received her Master Banding Permit earlier this month, and Ryan Kayhart, who is celebrating his tenth year of serving first as intern, and then Field Assistant, and then Research Assistant.

Cindy Marino, BIC

Bird of the Day .. Blackpoll Warbler!

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Tuesday September 20,2016

47 new, 13 retraps, 18 species;  No New Species

Bird of the day was Blackpoll Warbler with 11 banded.

Another very warm day! With SW winds at dawn, even though radar was

pretty active last night.  The Bander Training class starts to do some net picking.

Ryan Kayhart – BIC

Sixty new birds today!

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Friday September 16, 2016  60 new birds of 23 species and 11 recaps.

Today we kept Eliot busy with warblers. The AM was a bit chilly but it warmed up with sunny weather.

We had a young Wood Thrush showing lots of buffy tips and molting head.


Molting Wood Thrush


Peggy Keller

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