Warm November – time to paint

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Kelly Dockery took advantage of the unusually warm November weather to seal the exterior siding with primer and paint the first coat on the interior drywall.

Photo by Kelly Dockery

Wow, what a difference!

Interior with drywall

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And now … look at the inside of the old boathouse!  Are those teal blue walls?

Drywall installed! Photo by Dave Mathiason.

Rebuilding the west wall

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Work is almost completed on the outside of the old boathouse!

West side of the boathouse looking southward. Photo by Dave Mathiason.

Work on the west side of the boathouse almost finished! Photo by Dave Mathiason.

New windows installed on the west side. Photo by Ryan Kayhart.

Interior demolition

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Amazing changes are taking place in the main room of the ‘boathouse’.  New windows are bringing light to the space that will soon hold our third banding table, auditorium/workshop /education area, kitchenette, office and storage space.

New windows on the north side of the building. Photo by Ryan Kayhart.

Northwest corner of the boathouse with windows on the north side installed. Photo by Dave Mathiason.

In with the new.......... out with the old! Photo by Ryan Kayhart.

Mist netting… indoors

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Marilyn Guenther and John Boettcher worked on the new net and net poles for capturing indoor escapees!

Photo by Kathy Habgood.


New bench

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Nancy Britton came out to the banding station today with a crew of people and pretty much emptied the shed and took a few other things. I think the only item remaining that she wants is the popcorn glass case – we moved it toward the front of the garage. There was a really heavy concrete bench that she was going to take too, but instead we moved it to the memorial garden. The bench is a three-piece thing with separate legs. It is a bit wobbly right now but I’m hoping once it settles into the ground it will be OK for sitting on.

Beautiful new bench in the Memorial Garden courtesy of Nancy Britton. Photo by Dave Mathiason

A lot more light for the banders next fall! Photo by Andrea Patterson

Mummified mice

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Andrea and Kelly opened up the other two windows on the south side, removed the plywood and drywall from the partition between the banding area and the boathouse, and cleaned the banding area floor by scrubbing with deck brushes and sucking up the water with the wet/dry vac (Thank you to the donor of the shop vac. It has a totally awesome squeegee attachment — once Andrea pointed out that the reason it wasn’t working for me was that I was trying to use it upside down….). The highlight of the day was finding the large nest of mummified mice inside the partition wall ! (All together now : say “Eewwwww…”)

Windows removed! Photo by Andrea Patterson

Removing the wall separating the banding room and boathouse Photo by Andrea Patterson

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