Friday 09/21/2018

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Blackpoll Warblers were winners today with a total of 45. We had some seniors visiting from Wayne Central that might have even learned what a Blackpoll looks like in fall. We only had 8 different species and our total was 55 new birds. It did start to get pretty hot and then then too hot for birds and volunteers. Thank you for sticking it out for 5.5 hours. Our last run we came in with  a beautiful Blue Jay.Blue jay


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Wednesday we were learning about Magnolia Warblers (MAWA). There were 27 of them. They are very challenging when it comes to deciding what sex they are.There were 9 White-throated Sparrow (WTSP).  A new visiter to the station this season was a Blue-headed Vireo (BHVI).  The total of new birds was 67 with 13 different species.

Image below is the BLVI


A Friday Surprise 09/14/2018

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I had the bird in my hand and it did not look right for a Northern Waterthrush. Ryan   told me to noticed the white throat with no streaking. That helps with the decision that this was a great bird to get. A Louisiana Waterthrush (LOWA) is a rare visiter. Also new for the season was a Brown Thrasher. We ended with a total of 33 new birds with 16 different species. Thank you to my staff for staying through the day that did start getting pretty hot.

A Great Treat 5/9/2018

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Wednesday May 9th we had 71 new bandings and we had 10 Recaps. We also banded Six new species for the season. The most exciting bird of the day was an Eastern bluebird. Although Eastern bluebird is a fairly common species in New York state, we almost never band them at Braddock Bay bird Observatory. Other new species included Hooded warbler, Mourning warbler, Lincoln Sparrow, Baltimore Oriole, and Wilson’s warbler.

Ruby for Ryan 5/4/18

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A Ruby-throated Hummingbird for Ryan. We had rain for the first 2 hours. Stepping

outside often to see if we could open, finally hour 2 all the nets opened. Turned out to be a bit of a slow day. On our last run to check and close we brought in the first Ruby-throated for our resident Hummingbird bander Ryan.

Thanks to all you stuck it out on a slow day.IMG_0065 Ruby-throated Hummingbird RK

Almost a hot day 5/2/18

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IMG_0021 American WoodcockWe thought the warm southwest winds might have brought us lots of birds today, but we only banded 58 new birds. Bird of the day was Ruby Crowned Kinglet, with 19 banded. White Throated Sparrow came in second, with 12 new bands. We had four new species for the season; Nashville Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, Orange Crowned Warbler, and a gorgeous American Woodcock!

HOT Wednesday September 27

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IMG_4945 3Hot as in temperature, not lots of birds. We did end up with 34 new birds,15 different species and 13 recaptured birds. Thanks to the Thrush family adding 18 new to the total.

Andrea had some good birds, mature Grey Catbirds and Thrushes to show her Banding Training class. We also listened to Andrea explaining bird behavior to students from Geneseo Collage.


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