Wednesday April 17 2019

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A very cold day. So cold we could not open several nets for the first few net checks. Despite the cold and grey skies we had several visitors who bundled up and went on net checks with our brave net pickers. They had to go every 15 minutes so had plenty of steps on their fitness trekkers.

Our totals were on the low side but we were happy to see our first day of 8 different species. There were several Kinglets both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned, a nice Field Sparrow and of course our friend the Chickadee. Our total for the day was 22 new and 7 recaps.




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I think the warm weather has left us. It was another cold day of banding and picking. We decided to call this a very “creeeeepy” day. Halloween is next week and we had 5 Brown Creepers. The total number of birds handled was 49, 29 new and 20 retraps. The day ended with a nice Downey Woodpecker. Thanks again to all who were there to help out.Version 2

Wednesday 10/24/18

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We started at 5 degrees celsius and remained there for the six hours we were open. The pickers dressed in many layers and brought in a few birds each run. It was a day of recaps,47. The majority of birds were Hermit Thursh with 13 new. There were 9 different species in the total of 35 new birds. I turned on the four heaters in the early morning so the banders were nice and warm. Thank you pickers, Alice V and Ann H, for braving the cold.

Friday October 19

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Started with only 3 regular volunteers but soon after opening 3 more ladies arrived from Appleddore West. They visit our banding station each fall so were familiar with what we do. We were very grateful  for the help and enjoyed our day. There were not alot of new birds, only 27 but we had 11 different species. We had another 33 recaptures. The day started out pretty cold. After a few hours we could shed several layers. We had a nice White-crowned Sparrow. Thanks to all for a great day.IMG_3026

October 12 Friday

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A new Scribe from Colorado spent all 6 hours recording 104 new species of birds. On one run Ann and Alice brought in a combined number of 39 birds.

Friday 10/05

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YEA ! The staff was kept busy bringing in birds. We had a toral of 195 new birds. Another 55 previously banded birds. All banders were kept busy and the pickers reached a high in their steps (10,000 and more) count for the day. New for the year was a White-crowned Sparrow, a Field Sparrow and a Rusty Blackbird. In the last run the pickers brought in 12 more birds. A great day.



Friday 09/21/2018

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Blackpoll Warblers were winners today with a total of 45. We had some seniors visiting from Wayne Central that might have even learned what a Blackpoll looks like in fall. We only had 8 different species and our total was 55 new birds. It did start to get pretty hot and then then too hot for birds and volunteers. Thank you for sticking it out for 5.5 hours. Our last run we came in with  a beautiful Blue Jay.Blue jay

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