Hour 4

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Friday October 25 a great day. 123 new birds of 10 species and 15 recaps. The net pickers were bringing a steady amount of birds in and then HOUR 4 !!!! They came in with 52 birds.  The day count for Slate-colored Juncos was 53. GCKIs and RCKIs equalled 45 and we had 12 Brown Creepers. A great Friday.IMG_3439 Golden-crowned Kinglet761DA1B3-5650-408A-81F8-7748C9F2261C_1_201_aIMG_3049

Wind and Leaves

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October 23, 2019 started out with a bit of a wind but by hour 5 the wind and leaves shut us down. for the safty of the birds we started closing the nets.

We did end up with 15 new birds of 4 species and 12 recaps.

Thank you all for the leave challenge.D4927269-2DDB-4DB1-96D9-5C50D2394ADB_1_201_a.jpeg

YEA ! 145

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Today was a great day. We had 145 new species and 45 recaps.  There were 15 different species. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 62, Golden-crowned Kinglet 28, and 17 Hermit Thrush. There were also 10 Juncos. The station got pretty busy when 4 volunteers from Appledore banding station showed up. We had wind and fall leaves but went home happy.fullsizeoutput_514b


Eastern Phoebe

Few Birds but Sunny

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Total new 39 birds and 17 recaps. We had 10 species. A nice Field Sparrow, a Swamp Sparrow, a nice Carolina Wren and more White-throated Sparrows. Another sunny day though cool but when the sun is out there is no complaining in Rochester.fullsizeoutput_5143fullsizeoutput_511d

Eastern Towhee !

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We had a total of 51 new birds representing 13 different species and then another 11 recaps. Another day of lots of White-throated Sparrows. Thanks to the Wednesday crew and grateful for the sun.fullsizeoutput_50a9fullsizeoutput_50a6

Yea! North Winds

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Friday October 4 – 94 new species. 19 different species and 26 recaps. Ruby-crowned Kinglet wins with a total of 30 and White-throated Sparrow was close with 26 birds. We had a good variety of species with an Orange-crowned Warbler, Black-throated green Warbler and a Northern Parula. Somewhat on the chilly side but my staff was prepared and Cindy and I thank you.fullsizeoutput_504efullsizeoutput_5054lWpMOrWtTjqq1LhbrGbXZAfullsizeoutput_505f

Friday 5/31 Our Last Official Day

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May 31 and still in jackets. Our total today was 49 new birds  of 21 species. We had 34 recaptured birds.

Thanks to all volunteers who mucked Wednesdays and Fridays with their tall boots and coats all season waiting for dry and warm weather, maybe in the fall !!!

We did have some really good looking birds to end the season.IMG_1885 Yellow Warbler ASY-M 3boIMG_1940 AMRE ASY M 3boIMG_1923 Baltimore Oriole ASY-M 3bo

Wednesday 29- Still Lots of Mud

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Wednesday May 29, 2019
44 new bands
37 recaps
21 species

Traill’s Flycatcher was our most numerous species, with 13 banded. Swainson’s Thrush and Ruby-throated Hummingbird we’re tied for second place, with 5 each banded. We also banded seven different species of Warblers: two each of Magnolia, American Redstart, Wilson’s, Common Yellowthroat, Mourning and Yellow Warblers. We had a visiter banded in 6/10/15.  Andrea banded it as a SY bird. This makes this Cat Bird 6 yrs. old.

We always enjoy observing other creatures as we make our rounds to the nets. Today we spotted our first Monarch Butterfly of the season and Leopard frogs were singing their guttural “songs” despite the damp and chilly weather conditions.

Many thanks to all our volunteers for their continued efforts during this extremely wet and muddy Spring season, which is rapidly coming to a close at the end of this week!

Cindy Marino BICIMG_5045 Catbird 3boIMG_9227 Mourning Warbler-SY-F 3bo

Friday 5/24/19 Where is Spring ?

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Winds not in our favor. Our total birds to handle were 114 but 47 were recaps. One of the 67 new birds was a PHVI ( Philadelphia Vireo ) new for the season. There were 20 different species, some giving the banding classes some good lessons. We have a new friday scribe, Janet, and she picked up the skills quickly. We continue to muck through the muddy trails, again wondering if the rains will ever end.

IMG_3583 Philadelphia Vireo sy 3boIMG_6158 mourning Warbler 3boIMG_4236 Magnolia Warbler F ASY 3b0

Friday 5/17/19 New Species for season

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We had a total of 158 new birds of 33 species and 42 recaps. New for the season was an Indigo Bunting. The most exciting event was was a Northern Oriole recaptured. The exciting part was that after checking the band number this bird Andrea and Emily realized they had banded this bird on 8/14/2012 as a HY. This Oriole is 8 years old.IMG_9702IMG_1781 Oriole born 2014IMG_1776

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