Community Resources

In keeping with its mission of research, education and conservation, BBBO happily serves as a resource to the local community.  Explore the links below to learn more.



Bird-friendly Native Gardening:  While most birds can eat or inhabit a variety of plants, they are best adapted to co-exist with native species.  Native species of plants can attract the widest variety of birds, they tend to be more nutritionally rich, and they are beautiful.  This page contains information on native plants that are not only attractive to people, but to birds as well. While some of the information is aimed at gardeners in New York State, many of these plants can thrive elsewhere as well.  Contact your local County Cooperative Extension Office for information specific to your area.




Report a Marked or Banded Bird:  There are a variety of methods used to mark birds in North America – leg bands, neck collars, wing tags, etc. Recaptures and re-sightings of marked birds are one piece of data that scientists use to gain a fuller picture of the life history and ecology of our avian friends. If you sight a marked bird, please report it to the proper authority.

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