Bird Friendly Native Gardening

While most birds can eat or inhabit a variety of plants, they are best adapted to co-exist with native species.  Native species of plants can attract the widest variety of birds, they tend to be more nutritionally rich, and they are beautiful.


Native Plants for Birds:  This printable brochure presents a list of native plants that are not only attractive to people, but to birds as well. While this list is aimed at gardeners in New York State, many of these plants can thrive elsewhere as well.  Contact your local County Cooperative Extension Office for information specific to your area.

Recommended Plantings for Migratory Songbird Habitat Management:  This printable document, developed by  BBBO research associate Dr. Sue Smith Pagano and her colleague Scott Williams of URI, contains nutritional information about various fruiting shrubs, and compares the nutritional quality of native plants to invasives.


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