Braddock Bay Bird Observatory is dedicated to contributing to the protection of migratory birds and the habitats upon which they depend. Thanks to the generosity of Bill and June Kaiser, our primary research site (the Kaiser-Manitou Beach banding station) will remain a natural area. BBBO works closely with the Genesee Land Trust to protect the area and ensure that the study site is managed for the benefit of migratory songbirds. The Kaiser-Manitou Beach station is located in near-shore habitats on the south shore of Lake Ontario. As the lake functions as a barrier to migration, large concentrations of birds can often be found stopping in near-shore habitats between migratory flights. In a landscape dominated by agricultural and suburban land uses, BBBO, The Genesee Land Trust, and the New York Department of Environmental conservation have maintained an oasis for migratory songbirds near Braddock Bay.

BBBO’s research program contributes to conservation by helping the scientific community better understand the requirements of birds during migration, and the challenges bird face during breaks between migratory flights.

The Observatory’s educational programs seek to instill a conservation ethic in those to whom we teach about the wonders of bird migration.

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