Adopt a Tag

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2019, BBBO will start using nanotags to monitor the movement of Blackpoll Warblers, Canada Warblers, and various thrushes.  The nanotags are small radio transmitters which broadcast on a single frequency, and which are then detected by an array of stationary recieving stations strategically deployed across the landscape.  The receiving stations are all coordinated as part of the Motus Network, and together they can reveal incredible detail about the movements of even our tiniest birds.

Adoptive “parents” will receive a certificate containing details of the adopted tag and the bird that carries it, including species, tag number, age, sex, date of tagging, and dates and locations of subsequent detections.

You can elect to sponsor a tag solo, or co-sponsor a tag:

Tag Sponsor ($200)          Donate Button

Tag Co-sponsor ($100)    Donate Button

The “donate” buttons take you directly to PayPal, where you can use your credit card or your PayPal account.

Hint: when you click to review your donation on PayPal before submitting, there will be a space for you to leave other instructions for us.


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